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Hotel Max

Hotel Max is a 3.5 star hotel
620 Stewart
Seattle, WA  98101

Hotel Max, Seattle Details

Property Name: Hotel Max
Independent: Yes
Address: 620 Stewart St
Number of Rooms: 163
Number of Floors: 10
Longitude & Latitude: -122.34, 47.61
Room Types Available: Queen of Art
Bed Types Available: 1 King, 2 Doubles
Number of Photos: 84

Weekday Room Price Range: $179 to $299
Weekend Room Price Range: $199 to $299

Star Rating: 3.5
Average Review Rating: 4.31
Number of Customer Reviews: 551
First Customer Review Date: 04/05/2006
Last Customer Review Date: 10/15/2012

Recent Hotel Max Review: "This was my second trip to Seattle this year and I opted to stay at this hotel because on my last trip there I ate at their fantastic adjoining restaurant, Red Fin. Since I was more than partial to the restaurant and the Hotel looked like an out of the ordinary boutique hotel I thought it would be a great experience and it was!! I travelled we 2 other firneds and we stayed in a room with 2 double beds which was very comfortable for us. The bedroom itself is cozy and comfortable ,the bathroom is on the smaller side.( there is no tub only a shower and the space between the sink and toilet was limited). Bathroom aside I don't have a single complaint about this hotel. There's great art throughout the hallways, rooms, lobby etc. ( In fact the Washington Post ranked it as one of the top ten hotels with great artwork!) and the staff keeps it impeccably clean. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary with hints of modernism I highly recommend this hotel and the adjoining restaurant is not only a convenience but a treat all it's own, I could write another review about Red Fin alone. If you eat there I recommend the Asian Basil Eggplant, any of the sushi options ( especially the Hokkaido and Tarantula rolls) and they have a fantastic happy hour. Not to mention the hotel is conveniently located downtown and is with walking distance to major attractions ( the market, shopping, restaurants etc.)! Enjoy."

Check-in Time: 4 PM
Check-out Time: NOON

Restaurants Near Hotel Max: Subway, Johnny Rockets, $40 a Day, Krispy Kreme, The Cheesecake Factory
Attractions Near Hotel Max: Advantage, Museum, Abercrombie & Fitch, 7-Eleven, CO-OP Network
Other Hotels Near Hotel Max: Days Inn - Seattle Downtown, Marriott Execustay The Metro, Homewd Stes Seattle Cnvn Ctr, Sheraton Seattle Hotel, Best Western Loyal Inn

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